Officer Cole Hinchey, Sgt. Michael Lynch and Officer Allen Troche with commendations from Mayor Paul Brodeur. (Courtesy Melrose Police)

Chief Kevin M. Faller and the Melrose Police Department are pleased to report that two officers who joined the force nine weeks ago have been recognized for their response to a residential structure fire.

On Dec. 11, 2022, at approximately 3 a.m., Officers Cole Hinchey and Allen Troche responded to a report of an unspecified type of alarm sounding at a home on Brunswick Park.

Officers Hinchey and Troche arrived at the scene and found no indications of a crime or house break, but continued to investigate the residence and soon noticed an orange glow and smell of smoke coming from the home. Using their flashlights, the officers then noticed smoke coming from a window of the home and immediately notified Melrose Fire Alarm to send a full Fire Department response.

Acting quickly, Officers Hinchey and Troche began banging on the home’s doors to wake up the occupant, and entered the building to help guide an elderly occupant outside. As a result of the officers’ quick response, no residents were hurt in the blaze.

On Friday, Melrose Mayor Paul Brodeur recognized both officers’ dedication and courage and presented them with Certificates of Commendation to recognize their life-saving actions at the scene.

“I want to thank Mayor Brodeur for recognizing both of these fine new officers, as well as their Field Training Officer Sgt. Michael Lynch, who has prepared them to go above and beyond as they protect and serve the City of Melrose and its residents,” said Chief Faller. “Our officers are out there 24/7 doing what we can to make a difference and we are fortunate the situation ended without a tragedy during this holiday season.”