Several construction and maintenance projects are occurring throughout the city.

  1. The Round-a-Bout Traffic Pattern will go into effect this afternoon in the Howard at Green Street intersection. MPD will be present for the evening commute to assist commuters. While the roadway surface will remain gravel until the first course of pavement is placed on Friday, please obey signs and detours accordingly to safely navigate the intersection.
  2. Major roadway construction will continue tomorrow and through the balance of this week at the intersection of Howard Street and Green Street. Work will continue into the next two weeks however, detours will not be as significant as those this week.
  3. Major sewer construction will start tomorrow and continue through the balance of next week on Howard Street between Hesseltine and Nelson Road.
  4. Sewer work is ongoing on Youle Street near the Lynn Fells Parkway

  5. National Grid is upgraded the gas system on Damon Avenue near the Horace Mann School and on Upham Street from Lebanon and Dell Avenue. Please expect delays and detours in this area
  6. National Grid is upgrading utility poles on Tremont Street and the Essex Street corridor as part of a plan to upgrade the electric grid feeds into this area. Expect delays.
  7. Water upgrades are anticipated to start Thursday on Main Street between Mt. Vernon Avenue and Sylvan Street. Expect detours, delays and water system shutdowns. Impacted residents and businesses will be notified of potential interruptions in water service.
  8. Sewer Flow I/I flow monitoring and observations will continue overnight this week and next.

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